10 Alternatives to Coffee to Get You Through the Afternoon

Creative Family | Shutterstock.com

Afternoons seems to be the most tiring time in your day. After you’re done with dropping off your kids in school or replying to all work emails, the body starts to show signs of tiredness. This is the time when all of us need our regular boost of energy in order to keep going. Turning to coffee may be an obvious option but in many cases, there are better alternatives.

According to some experts, caffeine might make you believe that you’ve achieved higher energy levels, which is not the case in reality. Maria Marlowe is an experienced nutritionist who believes that coffee harms your body more than it helps it. According to her, after the caffeine rush wears off, the human body starts to feel more tired than it was previously.

To keep yourself away from this not so healthy habit, we’ll be suggesting a few alternatives that can be helpful in providing you with an instant energy boost.