15 Outrageously Rich Celebs Who Own Private Islands

aiaikawa | Shutterstock.com

We all know that celebrities get paid a lot of money. Whether it’s for their work in TV shows, movies, endorsements, cameo roles, music, sports, speaking engagements or event performances, they earn thousands, if not millions, of dollars. They can afford a wide range of expensive items that only the rich and famous can buy. Celebrities are often seen buying mansions, driving expensive cars, wearing expensive clothes and jewelry or going on luxurious holidays.
How about celebrities who already have these expensive assets and items and still have lots of money to spare? Well, they have the resources to buy their own private islands. Many celebrities dream of going on a vacation in a private island, away from the limelight so they can relax and do whatever they want without the prying eyes of the public. These islands obviously cost millions of dollars but if you have too much money to spend, wouldn’t you do the same? Here is a list of 15 outrageously rich celebrities who have their own private islands.