15 Actresses Whose Hot Looks Didn’t Fit Their Roles

Denis Makarenko | Shutterstock.com

The movie Last Action Hero shows us the unusual reality that actors don’t always fit the roles that they are playing, pointing out that the actors are too attractive for the roles they are playing. It is a fact that in Hollywood, they sometimes cast women to such roles despite that the actors are hotter than what the role demands.
The definition of plain in Hollywood is a character that dresses simple or wears glasses to look nerdy. But with a little makeup and change of clothes, they transform into beautiful women. There are of course roles that really require a woman to be a stunner. The problem is every hacker or lab technician that is cast sometimes looks like a model who just finished partying the night before.
Whether in drama, comedy or romance, both for TV and the movies, there are certain actresses that are cast in “dead-end” jobs. The feeling is that somehow the role is too hot for the actress, and it affects the credibility of the story. You can let go a few of these roles, but there are really some that you will notice immediately when you see it. Here are 15 actresses who are way too hot for the actual role that they are playing, showing us that Hollywood really has a habit of showing us unrealistic scenarios.