16 Celebs Who Throw Around Mad Cash on Dates

oneinchpunch | Shutterstock.com

Celebrities are busy people, and it’s not every day that you see one date an ‘ordinary person’ or someone from the business. Dating can be tricky especially if you’re a public figure, so many stars choose to maintain a low profile about it, but the media loves gossip, so we all try to find out details about it anyway. Actors who are not afraid to take the leap of faith for the person they’re dating would often create a lasting relationship, and the public loves these kinds of couples too.
One of the favorite topics for celebrity dating is who’s paying for who. These singers, actors, sports stars and famous personalities are earning well, so it’s a given that they use their resources to impress their date. It’s also an honest way to establish any relationship because the money would never be an issue and both parties can have fun. We have gathered a list of celebrities who were not afraid to splurge on their love and share the fact with the public. Check out the generous stars who made it to the list. You’ll be surprised about most of them.