A Personal Photolog: Magic Johnson from Childhood to Today

Randy Miramontez | Shutterstock.com

Magic Johnson is part of the 50 greatest players of the NBA, and he is also one of the all-time greats of the Los Angeles Lakers organization. He joined the team in 1979 and, together with Kareem Abdul Jabbar, he helped the Lakers win five NBA championships from 1980-1988. He also became the first rookie to win the NBA Finals MVP, as he played in three different positions (center, guard, forward) in the title-clinching game of the 1980 Finals.
On November 7, 1991, Johnson surprised the whole world by announcing he was HIV positive. With Johnson’s announcement, it paved the way for greater public awareness about the disease, with the former Laker personally leading the crusade against misinformation. Truly, Magic can be considered an icon on and off the court, as his contributions to basketball and HIV awareness are unmeasurable. We present you a collection of Magic’s best moments from his childhood up until today, where he is now president of basketball operations of the Los Angeles Lakers.